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NICK COADY - a big man with a big voice, and well known on UK TV & radio.

A member of British Equity, he has over thirty years' experience as a professional voice-over artist narrator and producer, and even has his own recording studios.

Nick's enormous voice packs an awesome punch.  At one end of the scale he's perfect for deep, hard, 'rock n roll' power-reads; at the other, his warm whispering sensuous read always raises a few temperatures and pulse rates...   He can sound friendly, reassuring and ‘corporate’, or un-nerve the listener with a cold, threatening, terse delivery they won't forget in a hurry, and all shades in between.

He has worked for virtually all the UK's principal radio and TV networks and many global broadcasters too, including CNN, BBC TV, UKTV, BBC Radios 1  2 and 6 Music, Absolute Radio, the Real XS network, Classic FM, Five and ITV.  He is experienced in voicing to picture for TV and cinema commercials, and has been the deep, gravelly voice of countless movie trailers.

Nick is also a respected corporate voice, and has narrated hundreds of audio-visual programmes and presentations for both public and private sectors.   He has been heard on thousands of interactive voice-prompts for company on-hold telephone systems and call centres.  From staff training and point-of-sale videos, to medical CD-ROMs, scientific documentaries and even relaxation tapes...  Nick has the calm, authoritative tone needed to get the message across.

In his own studios, Nick's characteristic big vocal sound is achieved with two recording-industry favourites: a Neumann U87Ai microphone and a Focusrite Red 7 mic pre.  Recording & editing is all done digitally on a Mac-based Pro Tools system.  Nick can either work live via ISDN (codec is a CCS Prima 120), Source Connect, ipDTL, or via a phone-patch where the finished audio can be supplied as WAV/AIF/mp3 files via the Internet or mastered onto CD/DVD/Blu-ray.

Nick loves animals and wildlife, motorcycling, amateur radio, photography, reading, travel, aviation, politics and current affairs, history, technology and science.  He rides an R1200GS Adventure, he holds a Private Pilot’s Licence, and he loves touring round Germany and the Swiss Alps.



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